How can I find a cannabis dispensary near me in Thailand?

I have always been a strong supporter of legalizing marijuana. It has immense health benefits and it makes me happy that Thailand has legalized marijuana for medical benefits. I visited Thailand a few weeks after marijuana was officially legal and typed,”Can I find a cannabis dispensary near me?”.

The results were confusing and it was difficult for me to understand how I can find a good cannabis dispensary near me. Eventually, I came across a big shop near siam square and got some products from them. Their cannabis bud was top quality and I really liked the ideology behind the store. Read on to know more about the cannabis dispensary which I believe is one of the best in Bangkok.

Today, cannabis is easily available across Thailand and it is used in everything from Thai curries to Thai tea. I spoke to a few people and there were mixed responses, some people, especially those who have been strongly advocating for the drug to become legal were celebrating.

Some people felt that it is good to make the drug legal but there should be stricter control and regulation. There were a few people who mentioned that they are curious if the industry will empower farmers and become sustainable and green or will it just become another industry under capitalism where only a few benefit.

Cannabis dispensary near me

CANNABIS DISPENSARY NEAR METhe most conveniently located cannabis dispensary in Bangkok is organic village. They are a cannabis dispensary cum organic grocery store. What really attracted me about the store is their philosophy of supporting Thai farmers and local products.

They sell only local products and are committed to a low carbon footprint business model. It is so rare to come across businesses which are genuinely committing to a circular economy so kudos to them for setting a fine example.

Their cannabis dispensary section has many products from the best brands across Thailand. They also have their own in-house brand.

Cannabis dispensary near me:

These are some of the products available in the cannabis dispensary section of organic village:


  • Cannabis buds: The cannabis buds are the premium products of the Organic Village. They are prepared using high-quality flowers from organically grown hemp. They are dense and thick and contain the highest quantities of terpenes and cannabinoids  because they are harvested from plants grown in best conditions.
  • THC Oil:  This oil is one of the most valued products in Thailand. It is processed to help users get the expected effects from cannabis as fast as possible.  You should go for the THC oil for a wide range of reasons, including energy boost and fighting anxiety. The oil is packaged in 50 mg bottles, and it is advisable to start with a small dosage and increase it with time. 
  • Cannabis Edibles: For those who do not fancy the idea of cannabis smoking, there is a perfect solution for them: using edibles. Organic Village has a wide range of edibles that you can use, from cannabis gummies to cannabis cookies. Choose the most preferred option.

Click to order.

Note that if you place an order for products of more than 1499 THB, the delivery will be made free in Thailand.

Free home delivery options available on orders above 1499 THB. 

Organic Village is always updating the list of available products, and you can expect to always get something new. For any inquiries, kindly visit our store (8am-8pm) or visit our site.

Interesting fact about cannabis


  • Contrary to the perception of cannabis only emerging in the 1960s, the plant dates back thousands of years. Ancient China used cannabis seeds for making food, oil, rope, and textiles.
  • As the Chinese traded with Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, cannabis use also expanded. People started using the plant to make paper and eventually medicine.
  • Cannabis appears to have been introduced to Thailand from India, with the similarity of the Thai name to the Indian term ganja cited as evidence. Cannabis has historically been used in Southeast Asia as an ingredient, a kitchen condiment, a medicine, and a source of fiber.
  • Traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage practitioners also historically used cannabis to treat a variety of health conditions. The Thai Institute of Healing Arts describes marijuana, cannabis, cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica as an “analgesic and sedative to control pain”
  • Hemp was also used in early Muay Thai fights. Thai fighters would protect their hands during fights with hemp hand wraps that ended in seashell-shaped knobs over each knuckle.
  • From the start of 1965 to the end of 1968, the number of troops stationed in Vietnam grew from 16,000 to 543,000.  Troops deployed in the field fighting the Viet Cong often found themselves patrolling through fields of wild-growing cannabis.
  • Given the reported widespread marijuana use among soldiers who served in Vietnam, it is not inconceivable that Thai entrepreneurs would have catered to the needs of these resting combat troops with an acquired taste for cannabis. Unfortunately, very little seems to have been documented about it.

Key takeway :

CANNABIS DISPENSARY NEAR MECannabis is legalized in Thailand. If you are looking for high quality cannabis, One address : Organic Village.

It is an organic grocery store cum cannabis dispensary which is conveniently connected to the siam bts station. They also offer door delivery (purchases higher than 2000 thb) delivery is free of charge.