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Nell Organic, a new era skin recovery item. gentle and safe Complete all skin problems. Try it now!

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Protect your baby’s skin with a 3-layer protective shield with Prebiotic, Earthmarine water and corn extract last up to 72 hours, even after washing off. Dermatologically tested, ensuring that it’s gentle even for sensitive skin. Made from natural organic extracts that have been certified by world-class institutions UADA, ECOCERT, EWG, NATRUE. Can be used from birth without perfume and harmful substances.

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The main extract such as earth Marine water that we have in both products has properties to cover all skin problems, whether remineralized Restores minerals to skin and hair for better water retention. Detoxification Helps detox skin cells and become a shield coating to protect skin and hair not to be harmed by pollution, dust, smoke, which are the triggers for allergies. Strengthening Protect the skin from inflammation Helps keep skin bright and healthy

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