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Our kids's snacks and chips are yummy and it is perfect to take to office or send it to school for your children to eat during snack time. We select our snacks and chips carefully, they are locally sourced to empower and support Thai farmers. The core value of our business model is to support local and reduce carbon footprint from food production,sourcing and delivery.
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Greenday - Crispy Strawberry 75g
Crispy Strawberry | Real Fruit | Freeze Dried
75 Gr (3 x 25 Gr)
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Glendee-crispy grape-
Greenday healthy kids snacks 5 colors crispy fruit & veggie
Glendee-crispy apple-
Crispy Apple | Freeze Dried | No fats
48 Grs
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Glendee-brocolli chips
Rise Buddy - BBQ Flavour - Organic Village
Greenday - Crispy Peach 75g
Crispy Peach | Real Fruit | Freeze Dried
75 Gr (25 Gr x 3)
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Greenday - Crispy Apple 12g
Peachy - Multigrain Puffs with Blueberry - Organic Village
Glendee Okra chips
Glendee-cauliflower chips-

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What Are The Best Organic Snacks For Toddlers?

When choosing organic snacks for toddlers, make sure they are nutrient-dense. There are many organic snacks for toddlers available, including
Fresh fruits: There are a number of fresh fruits, such as berries, bananas, apples, and grapes, which are excellent choices for toddlers. These fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are also naturally sweet.
Dairy products such as Greek or plain yogurt are excellent choices when considering organic snacks for toddlers. They are a great source of calcium and protein, which are needed for a toddler’s development.
Vegetables: When served raw or lightly steamed, vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, or snap peas make excellent toddler snacks.
To avoid overly sticky or crumbly snacks, consider the toddler’s age, the ingredients available, and the texture of the snack when selecting toddler snacks.

What Chips Are Good For Toddlers?

Kids love snacks. When providing snacks for toddlers, it’s important that you choose options that are low in sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients. Some good chip options for toddlers include:
· Whole grain crackers that provide more fiber and nutrients than refined crackers.
· Baked veggie chips that are usually lower in salt than conventional chips.
· Homemade sweet potato chips.
· Air-popped popcorn which is a healthier alternative to microwave popcorn.
You should always remember that chips should be considered an occasional treat and shouldn’t form part of a regular toddler’s diet.

What Is The Best Snack For A 2 Year Old?

The best snack for a 2 year old baby is without a doubt one that is healthy and provides essential nutrients. If you are in a dilemma, here are examples of snacks you can provide your 2 year old baby.
· Whole grain crackers low in sugar.
· Small pieces of cheese.
· Fresh fruits such as bananas, melon, grapes, berries.
· Plain and unsweetened yogurt.
· Smoothies from fresh fruits, milk, or yogurt.
· Hard boiled eggs.
· Homemade muffins.
· Almond or peanut butter.
· Trail mix.