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Dried Blueberries

500 Gr

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The Heritage vision is – “Healthy Food, Happy Life”
Heritage is dedicated to providing healthy, delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy!

About This Product

Dried blueberries offer rich, sweet flavor and naturally distinctive color in a convenient, easily storable product.
Dried blueberries are ideal for both sweet and savory cooking and baking applications.

Details And Dimensions

Properties and benefits of blueberries:
– Blueberry contains vitamin E that helps skin smooth and clear without dark spots.
– Blueberry is a fruit that nourishes the skin. Help blood flow better. Pinkish skin looks rosy.
– Blueberries contain vitamin C to help clear skin without acne.
– Blueberry has properties to help cure sore throat, cure cold, relieve nasal congestion.
– The benefits of blueberries help prevent cataracts in the eyes.
– Blueberries provide adequate blood supply to the brain during stressful times.
– The benefits of blueberries help relieve constipation.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 130 kCal
Total Carbs 31 g
Net Carbs 29 g
Fiber 2 g
Sugar 28 g
Protein 1 g

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