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Organic Brown Rice – kam noi

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Glutinous and chewy with smooth creamy aroma.

About This Product

Often mistaken as dessert rice, this aromatic black sticky rice is an excellent pair with savory dish. It can be easily cooked in a normal rice cooker instead of the usual steaming process. Ona healthy note, it is very high in antioxidant compared to other white rice. As an indigenous variety from the Northeastern Thailand, it is best grown in hilly areas. This rice is very adaptive and can remain resilient in various weather conditions.

Details And Dimensions

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Nutrition Facts

Amount Per 100 grams:

Energy (calories), 356,

Protein (g), 8.9,

Carbohydrate (g), 75.6,

Fiber (g), 2.2,

Iron (mg), 2.4,

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