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We offer premium cannabis THB & CBD Products from Thailand. Cannabis buds and flowers, oils, edibles, and much more products available at our shop in Siam Square. There are multiple benefits to using our cannabis which is locally sourced to ensure that we support Thai cannabis farmers. Come over to our shop and we can explain the benefits of our cannabis products (including CBD edibles and CBD oil edibles), follow new arrivals on our socials !
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Cannabis Edibles-THC-Gummies-Bangkok-Organic Village
Organic Village -Local Boys - Chewables - Sativa - Cannabis Gummies
Homemade THC Cannabis Gummies | Sativa
Local Boys
25 Grs
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Local Boys - Chewables - Indica - Cannabis Gummies - Organic Village
Homemade THC Cannabis Gummies | Indica
Local Boys
25 Grs
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Watcha-Cannabis Brownie-edibles-Organic-Village
Chanabis - CBD Gummies Blueberry Dream - Organic Village - Cannabis Dispensary
THC Cannabis oil
Durban Poison
Durban Poison | Sativa | THC 20%
Tint Toker
1 Gr
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Local Boys - Pre Rolls Sativa - Indica - Daytime Blend 3pcs -Organic Village-Bangkok
Pre-Rolls | Sativa | 3 Pcs | 1.8 Gr
Local Boys
3 Pcs
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Local Boys - Pre Rolls - Indica - Evening Blend 3pcs
Pre-Rolls | Indica | 3 Pcs | 1.8 Gr
Local Boys
3 pcs
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OG Kush
OG Kush | Hybrid Indica | THC 18%
Tint Toker
1 Gr
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Chanabis - CBD Gummies Mango & Lychee - Organic Village - Cannabis Dispensary
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Midnight CBD Oil 600mg
CBD Oil | 600mg CBD | Isolate Oil
30 ml
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TintToker - Strawberry Gummies Orange - Organic Village
King Kush Cannabis Dispensary Bangkok
King Kush | Indica | THC: 25 to 27%
Tint Toker
1 Gr
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New arrival!
Midnight CBD 2000mg B
CBD Oil | 2,000mg CBD | Isolate Oil
30 ml
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What is the difference between cannabis THC and CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants but they are different in the manner in which they interact with your body. In simple terms, the effects of the above-mentioned chemical compounds after interacting with your body are very different. So what’s the difference between THC and CBD?


THC is the main psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. What this essentially means in simple terms is that it’s primarily responsible for the high that most people associate with the use of Marijuana. THC binds with the cannabinoid 1 (abbreviated as CBD1) receptors in the brain inadvertently producing a euphoric feeling


CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive. This essentially means that CBD as a chemical compound in cannabis doesn’t produce a “high” when you use marijuana. On the contrary, it’s actually believed to have quite a number of therapeutic benefits such as reducing anxiety, pain, or inflammation. While CBD doesn’t directly bind to the cannabinoid 1 (CBD1) receptors in the brain, it actually does interact with other receptors in the body like serotonin which are quite instrumental in helping with depression, anxiety, and other notable mental conditions.

CBD and THC have different effects on the body. On one side, CBD is instrumental in treating anxiety and a host of other mental conditions not forgetting inflammation, pain, and seizures. On the other hand, THC is used for the treatment of nausea and pain.

There is a wide range of Cannabis (THC and CBD) products that you can choose such as cannabis oils, cannabis flowers and buds, edibles, and smoking accessories to mention a few.

What medications interact with THC and CBD?

CBD and THC are two of the most popular compounds found in cannabis plants. The two compounds are known to interact with certain medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, opioids, and thinners. CBD is known to reduce the effects of the aforementioned medications while THC is known to increase the effects of the same (increased drowsiness and sedation). As a rule, make it a point to speak to your doctor before using cannabis-related products while taking medication. You don’t want a situation whereby you suffer negative side effects.

Is CBD considered a drug in Thailand?

In Thailand, CBD, a short form of cannabidiol, is considered a controlled substance. The use of CBD in Thailand is controlled by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA). In essence, CBD products in Thailand can only be allowed with a prescription from a qualified healthcare professional and used for certain medical conditions. Consequently, the sale, possession, export, and import of CBD are subject to various restrictions and penalties under Thai Law.