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Cannabis Happy Jelly Mango

100 Gr

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The tastiest way to get the benefits of CBD is here! Try the Treekings Happy Jellies (mango flavor) now.


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About This Product

  • Sweet, delicious, chewy pleasure
  • 100 grams of yummy CBD gummies, refreshing mango taste
  • Made by a Thai company Treekings OG, fully legal
  • Broad-spectrum lab-tested cannabis product: includes THC, CBD, CBN, CBG (all up to 0.2%)

Details And Dimensions

Treekings OG mango jellies are a perfect gift for any party. Surprise your friends with a tin of these fruity, delicious therapeutic CBD gummy goodies!

Thanks to the CBD content, you will benefit from its therapeutic properties including anxiety and stress relief, pain management, improved sleep, and more.

Since they contain a small amount of THC, they are not suitable for pregnant women or children. You may also get a light high if you eat a big amount of them in one sitting. Therefore, you should start with a small dose and gradually increase it if necessary.

Storage instructions: This is a natural product, so it needs to be stored in the fridge.

Nutrition Facts

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