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Our vegan yogurts are selected carefully to ensure high quality ingredients which is good for health. We support local farming communities and empower them to become more sustainable in the way food is produced. We reduce the carbon footprint of our products by supporting farmers near Bangkok.
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Green Geek-Vegan Cashew Yoghurt
Cashew Nut Yogurt | Natural Flavor | Vegan
The Green Geek
150 Gr
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Green Geek - Vegan Cashew Nut Yogurt Piña Colada - Organic Village
Cashew Nut Yogurt | Vegan | Piña Colada
The Green Geek
150 Gr
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What Is Vegan Yogurt Made Of?

Vegan yogurt is made with plant-based ingredients rather than dairy-based ingredients. There are various plant-based ingredients used to make vegan yogurt, including
Coconut milk is a popular vegan yogurt ingredient. It is made by grating coconut meat, blending it with water, and then straining the mixture through a cheesecloth to remove as much liquid as possible.
Soy milk is a plant-based milk made from soybeans. It’s a popular ingredient in vegan yogurt. It is made by soaking and grinding soybeans in water, boiling them, and then straining the mixture to generate a creamy liquid.
Almond milk is created by blending almonds with water and straining the mixture to remove the solids.
Cashew milk is a healthy option for vegan yogurt. It is made from cashew nuts, which are blended with water and then strained through a cheesecloth to generate as much liquid as possible.

Is Vegan Yogurt As Healthy As Dairy Yogurt?

Well, vegan yogurt can indeed be a healthy alternative to dairy yogurt but this is dependent on the specific type of vegan yogurt as well as the brand. In general, vegan yogurts have a low calorie and fat content and have lower cholesterol levels than dairy yogurt. They are also the perfect source of probiotics and plant-based proteins for vegans and vegetarians. That said, some vegan yogurt may contain additives or thickeners and as such it’s highly advisable to check the labels and ingredients list before purchase. While both vegan and dairy yogurt can be part of a healthy diet, it’s important to choose varieties that are high in nutrients and low in added sugars.

What Do Vegans Eat Instead Of Yogurt?

Vegans don’t have to consume dairy yogurt but instead can eat plant-based yogurt alternatives which are typically made from soy, cashew, oat, almond, or coconut milk. These alternatives are usually fortified with vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D in order to mimic the nutritional content of dairy yogurt.