By Dofann

Fresh Goat Cheese

90 - 100 Gr

฿120.00 / Piece

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Handmade fine cheeses made in Chiang Mai Thailand created by a French cheese specialist!

About This Product

Dofann Goat cheese has a richer flavor.
It’s soft & crumbly cheeses. It is also a highly nutritious cheese and is a good choice for people with milk allergies or intolerance to cow protein.

Details And Dimensions

90 – 100 g
100 % goat Cheese

Nutrition Facts

100 G Goat Cheese
Calories from Fat 190. Calories 264
32% Total Fat 21g
75% Saturated Fat 15g
15% Cholesterol 46mg
19% Sodium 459mg
1% Potassium 26mg
0% Total Carbohydrates 0g

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