By Jartisann

Snow Goat

120 - 130 Gr

฿220.00 / Piece

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Jartisann is a Thai artisan product brand that produces mainly premium quality cheese, together with bread and a few other delicatessen products.

About This Product

Another bloomy-rind goat milk cheese mixed between characteristics of cheeses like Camembert and Saint Marcellin. Best eaten before 5 weeks of affinage, to get a creamy yet firm texture in one bite. Best eaten with warm crusty bread.
All cheeses are developed using original recipes formulated in Thailand, made with unpasteurized milk from cow, goat, or buffalo milk; all locally sourced from the surrounding districts of Chiangmai.

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 120-130g.
Affinage: 4-5 weeks

Nutrition Facts

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