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Bottled water & soft drinks can be bought from our shop along with other groceries. We will take back the bottles for recycling. We are committed to becoming Bangkok's number 1 sustainable grocery store. We want to make it more convenient and easy for the conscious consumer who wants to live a zero-waste lifestyle.
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Drinking Water | Natural | 550ml
550 mL
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All Coco - Nam Hom Coconut Water
1886 Original Cola | Vegan | 275 mL
Franklin & Sons
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Natural Rose Lemonade | Vegan | 200 mL
Franklin & Sons
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1886 Original Cola | Vegan | 200 mL
Franklin & Sons
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What Makes Water & Soft Drinks “Organic”?

It is imperative to note that water cannot be certified as organic as it is an inorganic compound. Generally, organic certifications are given to agricultural products that have been grown and processed according to set organic standards by respective organic bodies in different countries. While water cannot absolutely be certified as organic, it is important to note that the way the same water is processed or packaged can be organic. What do we mean by this? For instance, various companies that bottle and sell water can use organic practices for the purposes of purifying and packaging water. Such organic practices include the use of eco-friendly packaging materials and the use of renewable energy sources.

What are the health benefits of drinking organic water & soft drinks?

Drinking pure, clean water has a number of advantages for your health, including:
Helps in hydration: Drinking water helps the body stay properly hydrated, which regulates body temperatures, supports the operation of organs like the kidneys, and aids in lubricating joints. Headaches, exhaustion, lightheadedness, and other symptoms are caused by dehydration.
Helps in digestion: Water aids in the breakdown of food, and prevents symptoms like constipation.
Skin health: Water helps to moisturize, smoothen, and reduce wrinkles on the skin. Skin health is encouraged by water.
Water aids in detoxification by allowing toxins to leave the body through sweat or urine. It lessens a variety of illnesses, including kidney stones, and many others.

Is tap water organic or inorganic?

Tap water is inorganic due to the treatment it undergoes before being made available at the tap. Tap water needs some sort of treatment to make sure it is safe to drink because it can come from sources like rivers, lakes, or other reservoirs. Fluoridation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection are some of the different ways that tap water is treated. Water treatment processes involve the use of chemicals like chloride, aluminum, and sulfate. Water-suspended particles, such as dirt, are removed through sedimentation. With the purpose of preventing symptoms like tooth decay, fluoride is added to water through fluoridation. The nature of tap water might vary based on where you live and the techniques used to process the tap, therefore it cannot be regarded as organic.