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Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads (L)

18 x 35 cm

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About This Product

Sanitary Napkins for heavy, light flow or daily panty-liner use
ECO-FRIENDLY: Did you know that on average, a woman will use 22 disposable sanitary pads or tampons every month? SAVE MONEY and help the environment. RePlanetMe Sanitary Pads are washable and reusable for 3-5 years.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Made for all women and teens, the fabric pads are easy to line your underwear. Just position, fold the wings to the underside of your pants and snap into place.
LAST SANITARY PAD YOU NEED: Reusable overnight cloth Sanitary Pads are also perfect as period panties, post-partum maxi pads, or washable cloth incontinence pads for women.

Details And Dimensions

18 x 35 cm
The chemical free pads are as absorbent as plush towels and offer great protection during daily wear. Use them with confidence knowing the waterproof multi-layers will protect you from any leaks and spills. (For heavy flow, change new pad every 3-4 hours)
HEALTHY & SAFE: simply organic, does not contain bleach. You will feel very comfortable with the ultra soft inner fabric layer against your skin.
EASY TO CLEAN: Wash in cold or warm water with soap and just dry.

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