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Reusable Portable Super Soft Silicone Swabs

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About This Product

For ear cleaning, cosmetic & makeup cleaning cotton buds made of soft silicone for men and women.

QUALIFIED MATRIAL– All materials were 100% safe and non-toxic, both end of swab were super soft and flexible which is made of medical silicone.
MULTI-PURPOSE — Silicone Swabs have a wide variety of uses, it’s good ideal for cleaning hard to reach places, removing dirty from ears inside, removing grease, another function that’s designed for makeup and touch-ups and it’s an essential part of cosmetics.

Details And Dimensions

Product including: 1 Swab in sliding magnetic case.

INNOVATION OF GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL — The global cotton buds market accounted for a volume of 543.75 billion units in 2017 and it is estimated that over 600 billion cotton buds will be used in 2020. If they were laid end-to-end, they would go around the earth 1,140 times!!! Really it’s large waste regardless existing resource or environmental, this silicone swab is reusable and very easy to clean and store.

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