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We ensure that our kids and baby products are of the highest standard. We choose our suppliers through a stringent process to the ensure the best quality health and beauty products for your young tots. Our products are good for young and sensitive skin.Our baby and kids products are committed to sustainability and circularity.
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Little Apes Organic toy cleaner
Bebesup - Nature Sensitive - Organic Village
Baby Wipes | Nature Sensitive (70 Sheets)
1 Pc (70'S)
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Lamoon-Baby Toothpaste
Lamoon - Organic baby Laundry Liquid 750ml
Little Apes organic Foaming handwash hand wash 250ml
Kiss My Face - Berry Smart - Kids Toothpaste - Fluoride free
Kids Toothpaste | Berry Smart | Fluoride Free
Kiss My Face
113 Gr
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Bebesup - Nature Zero - Organic Village - Bangkok
Baby Wipes | Nature Zero (70 Sheets)
1 Pc (70'S)
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Breast Milk Storage Bag 5oz
Breast Milk Storage Bag 5oz | 30 Bags
5oz x 30 Bags
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Lamoon - Breast Milk Storage 8oz - Organic VIllage
Breast Milk Storage Bag 8oz | 25 Bags
8oz x 25 bags
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Lamoon - Baby Milk Lotion 0+ - Bangkok
Lamoon-3 In 1 Storage Bag- Thailand
3 In 1 Breast Milk Storage Bag | 15 Bags
7oz x 15 bags
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Lamoon-Mosquito Repellant Spray-Bangkok
Lamoon-Baby Powder
Lamoon - Play Mat Cleanser - Organic
Lamoon Play Mat Cleanser
750 ml
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Lamoon - Body & Hair Foam Wash Refill
Organic baby Bottle Cleaner
Lamoon - Body & Hair Foam Wash
Neil Organic Organic shower baby 3in1organic1
Neil Organic Organic Lotion

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How Can I Improve My Child’s Hair Quality?

If you want to improve your child’s hair quality, there are a number of ways that you can go about it.
1. You need to practice good hair hygiene. You need to regularly wash and condition your child’s hair and keep their scalp clean.
2. You need to use a hat or a scarf to protect your child’s hair from the sun especially if they spend lots of time outdoors.
3. You need to avoid excessive heat styling such as curling, straightening, and blow drying as it can cause damage and breakages to your child’s hair.
4. Provide your child with a healthy and balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are essential in promoting hair growth.
5. You should practice good hair hygiene. Wash your child’s hair regularly and use gentle and natural hair care products that are suitable for your child’s hair type.
When you incorporate the above healthy hair habits, you can rest assured that you will have done your bit in improving your child’s hair quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Organic Hair Products For Kids?

Using organic hair products for your kids is beneficial in the following ways.
· Organic hair products are made using natural ingredients and hence gentle on the scalp. In other words, they are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions.
· Organic hair products contain natural ingredients that help to nourish your kid’s hair and scalp.
· Organic hair products are free from harsh and harmful chemicals that might lead to skin irritation and dryness. Your kid’s skin and hair are delicate and therefore you are better off using organic hair products as compared to conventional hair products most of which contain harmful chemicals.
· Organic hair products are environmentally friendly as they are made using biodegradable ingredients. They, therefore, biodegrade quickly and hence safe for the ecosystem.
· Organic hair products are an ethical choice. They do not test on animals hence using the products means promoting animal welfare.

Should Your Kids Use Organic Toothpaste?

Yes. Your kids should use organic toothpaste especially if they have sensitive teeth and gums or are prone to allergies. The reason for this is that organic toothpaste is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and artificial colors and preservatives that can be harsh on a child’s delicate teeth and gums.
Consequently, organic toothpaste contains natural ingredients which are good for oral health and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Having said that, not all organic toothpaste are created equal. The onus is on you as the parent to check labels carefully and ensure that the toothpaste you are about to buy for your kids doesn’t contain harmful substances.