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SOSILK Dental Floss

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Zero-Waste Living!

About This Product

Try it, and you & the earth will love it!
SOSILK Refillable Eco Dental Floss
Biodegradable real silk floss doesn’t hurt the earth, unlike normal nylon floss that can take 80 years to degrade.
Silky soft, gentle on your gums, with a pleasant herbal mint fragrance

Details And Dimensions

Made from natural Thai silk, and coated with real beeswax, for healthy teeth and gums.
Effectively removes food debris and plaque between teeth.
Refreshingly flavored with natural herbs.
Durable and flexible, the silk fibers are very soft on your gums, but will not tear apart easily
Safe, will not slip on the tooth surface, and will not cut your gums
Certified and tested by dentists and experts from the Thai Ministry of Public Health
Earth-friendly! SOSILK Floss is 100% biodegradable, and refillable. Even the recyclable core can be returned for re-spooling, for Zero plastic waste!

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