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Our shopping bags exist in 2 size. A smaller and wider one with a pocket inside. And a slightly bigger one with no pocket. Locally made, and premium quality. Get yours now !
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Tote Bag Organic Village
Tote Shopping Bag | 15 Inches (Large) | Organic Village
Organic Village
15 Inches
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Organic Village Bag - medium
Tote Shopping Bag | 12 Inches (Medium) | Organic Village
Organic Village
12 Inches
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What Are The Different Types Of Grocery Bags?

There are different types of grocery bags, including
Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are mostly made from high-density polyethylene; they are also relatively strong and reusable. Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly because they do not biodegrade. Recycling plastic bags can be difficult. Therefore, bags that are not recycled end up filling landfills and endangering the environment, including marine life, urban air, and farmland soil.
Paper bags: Paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable, which helps lessen their impact on the environment. However, paper bag fibers become weaker and shorter each time a paper is reused, which limits how many times it can be recycled.
Reusable bags: These bags are made from different types of materials which are durable and their environmental impact varies widely during production. Reusable bags are eco-friendly and save money.”

What Are The Benefits Of Using Reusable Artisanal Bags?

Compared to traditional bags, reusable artisanal bags offer a number of benefits which include:
· Environmental sustainability: Using reusable artisanal bags reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, oceans, and other natural habitats hence best for the environment.
· Reusable artisanal bags are usually made from durable high-quality materials.
· Reusable artisanal bags are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes such as storage, traveling, and shopping. You can also use them to carry various types of items such as clothing, groceries, and personal items.
· Cost effective: while reusable artisanal bags might be costly at a glance, they are cost-effective in the long run as you will use them multiple times when compared to disposable bags which you have to buy every time.

What Is The Best Material For Reusable Bags?

The best materials for reusable bags are those that are environmentally friendly and include the following.
1. Cotton: Reusable bags made of cotton are not only durable but also can be reused many times. They are also biodegradable and hence safe for the environment.
2. Canvas: Reusable bags made from canvas are extremely durable and can hold heavy items. You can wash them and reuse them as many times as possible.
3. Jute: Jute bags are biodegradable and are made from natural vegetable fiber.
4. Polyester: Reusable bags made from recyclable polyester are more durable and can withstand heavy use.
When choosing the best material for reusable bags, it is recommended that you consider how often you plan to use it, what you plan to be using it for, as well as your environmental values.