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Our food container are perfect for people who are transitioning to a non-toxic and eco friendly kitchen. Not only is choosing our plastic-free food storage safer for you and your family, it is very sustainable and good for the planet too.
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Superbee - Waxed Food Bag Medium 01 - Organic Village
Food Container-16.3L
Food Container (Glass) | 16.3 L
Organic Village
16.3 L
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Food Container-10.4L
Food Container (Glass) | 10.4 L
Organic Village
10.4 L
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Food Container-4.2L
Food Container (Glass) | 4.2 L
Organic Village
4.2 L
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Food Container-16.3L
Food Container (PC) | 16.3 L
Organic Village
16.3 L
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Food Container-10.4L
Food Container (PC) | 10.4 L
Organic Village
10.4 L
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What Are The Benefits Of Reusable Food Containers?

There are several benefits you should know about when you use reusable food containers
Reducing waste: Reusable food containers go a long way towards reducing the amount of waste and plastic pollution that ends up in the parks, rivers, and oceans. By using a reusable food container, you promote and conserve the environment and also keep it clean.
Saves money: Replacing some of your everyday essential items with reusable containers will save you money and also help conserve the environment because reusable containers are environmentally friendly.
Good for preservation: Reusable food containers are eco-friendly and will help keep your food safe for long periods of time. Also, it will allow you to refrigerate your food at the right temperature as well as heat it when required.
They help protect your food: Some single-use containers are not up to standard and can contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the food. Reusable containers are made from safe materials such as stainless steel or glass.
Convenient: Sometimes carrying food in plastic wrap can make it hard to transport the it either to school or the office because the food may get squashed during transport or leak.

What Are Reusable Food Containers?

Reusable food containers are containers that are intended to be used multiple times to either store food or leftovers. Reusable containers come in various shapes and sizes depending on your need for them. You can choose from stainless steel containers, glass containers, plastic containers, and silicone containers to mention a few. Reusable containers are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. They biodegrade easily and hence reducing plastic pollution and harm to the environment. What’s more? They are easy to clean and can be used to store food in refrigerators, carry snacks on the go, or carry packed lunches.

Is It Better To Store Food In Plastic Or Glass Containers?

Generally, storing food in glass containers is considered to be much better than storing food in plastic containers. Here is the reason why.
1. Durability: Glass is more durable than plastic containers. They do not break down over time.
2. Glass is non-toxic: Compared to plastic, glass is non-toxic and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that might leach into food.
3. Glass is safe for heating: Unlike plastic, glass is generally safe for heating in microwaves and ovens. The same cannot be said of plastics as they are known to emit or release harmful chemicals when heated.
4. Glass is eco-friendly and can be reused many times compared to single-use plastic containers.
5. Glass containers are easier to clean when compared to plastic containers.
In a nutshell, using glass containers is indeed better than plastic containers when storing food.