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organically grown Jackfruit

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Our organic jackfruit has a great taste of sweetness.

About This Product

The fruit has a strong fruity odor and a sweet, almost pungent, taste. The taste of our jackfruit is described as the flavor of apples and bananas mixed together.

Details And Dimensions

The large and variously shaped fruit has a length of 30 to 100 cm and a diameter of 15 to 50 cm and can weigh 10–25 kg or more. The fruits consist of a fibrous, whitish core (rachis) about 5–10 cm thick.

Nutrition Facts

157 calories.
2.84 g of protein.
1.06 g of fat.
38.36 g of carbohydrates.
2.5 g of dietary fiber.
31.48 g of sugars.
48 mg of magnesium.
739 mg of potassium.

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