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Kad Kokoa is a Thai Craft Chocolate Maker

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About This Product

Chumphon, the gateway to the south of Thailand, accommodates the Horticultural Research Centre responsible for the research and development of national robusta coffee, coconuts, and cacao beans. We work with the Centre in exchanging the post-harvesting know-how so the farmers in the region can learn from the Centre to improve their production and thus, their quality of life. Strong cacao body with notes of ripe grapes and red berries.


Details And Dimensions

Taste notes: Cacao body, ripe grapes, red berries.

Ingredients: 70% Cacao, 30% Organic Sugar.

Gold medal at AVPA Awards 2021, category dark chocolate single origin with no additives except sugar.

No additives, no dairy.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 55 g

Serving per container 1

Energy 310 Kcal

Total fat  21.7g

Protein 5.1g

Carbohydrate 20.9g

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