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Organic Chili Sauce

200 Gr

฿69.00 / Piece

Lumlum organic food is produced with care by our professional staff who are committed to providing the best quality of our products. Since all lives are connected – from our hands to yours – the health and safety of our consumers is our priority, which is why we care for every detail before delivering to your hands.

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About This Product

Organic Chilli Sauce ( An Authentic Thai Spicy Sauce ) 200 G.
This Thai Chilli Sauce provides a balanced blend of red chilli paste, mixed with vinegar, syrup and seasoning to make an excellent accompaniment to your favourite dishes.

How to use: Enjoy your fried chicken, grilled steak, french fried or shrimp salad with Thai Chilli Sauce for a deliciously spicy dish.

Details And Dimensions

Ingredient List:
Water 36.50%
Paste 25.50%
Organic Cane Sugar 24.50%
Organic Pineapple Vinegar 7.00%
Organic Pickled Garlic 6.30%
Xanthan gum (INS 415) 0.20%
Shelf Life: 24 months
Certificate: EU Organic : USDA Organic : JAS Organic

Nutrition Facts

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