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Premium Golden Soft-Dried Mango

25 Gr

฿29.75 / Piece

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KUNNA offers to everyone with non-compromising-in-taste healthy snacks.
KUNNA has now Has been ranked the all-time best-seller brand for Thai snacks souvenirs at many leading departments stores in Thailand!

About This Product

Premium Golden Soft-Dried Mango product quality We use the best raw materials. When eaten, it must be the most delicious, fragrant, by keeping the quality of the product well.
– Sweetness is not the only flavor that makes us feel delicious. Finally, the deliciousness is the mellowness of the taste of food which comes from cooking raw materials by dried fruit to be a dessert for health lovers It’s delicious, everyone is sure to want to try it!

Details And Dimensions

25 gr
100% real fruits

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g:
Carbohydrate: 73.5g
Sugars: 51.6g
Fibre: 7.4g
Protein: 2.3g

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