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Our pasta and noodles taste very good once you cook them. We select our pasta and noodles carefully, they are locally sourced to empower and support Thai farmers. The core value of our business model is to support local and reduce carbon footprint from food production, sourcing and delivery.
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Organic Khao Soi Noodle Set | Vegan
200 Gr
฿125.00 / Piece Add to cart
Perfect Earth-Gluten Free Organic Rice Pasta (Pad Thai)
Perfect Earth-Gluten Free Organic Chia Pasta (Pad Thai + Chia)
Organic Pad Thai Noodle Set | Vegan
200 Gr
฿125.00 / Piece Add to cart
Pasta Roma - Spirals - Gluten Free
Pasta Roma - Macaroni - Gluten Free
Organic Red Rice Rigatoni Bangkok
Organic Thai Red Rice Pasta | Rigatoni | Vegan
Good Earth Rice
250 Gr
฿100.00 / Piece Add to cart
Perfect Earth-Gluten Free Organic Rice Pasta (Black Rice)
Organic Black Rice Pasta | Vegan | Gluten Free
Perfect Earth
225 Gr
฿55.00 / Piece Add to cart
Perfect Earth-Gluten Free Organic Chia Pasta (Black Rice + Chia)
Organic Spaghetti
Perfect Earth-Gluten Free Organic Rice Pasta (Red Rice)
Organic Red Rice Pasta | Vegan | Gluten Free
Perfect Earth
225 Gr
฿55.00 / Piece Add to cart

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What Are The Benefits Of Organic Pasta?

If you are a pasta lover, it is highly recommended that you go for organic pasta. Organic pasta is pasta that is made from whole grains which are quite different from enriched or refined pasta which is made from milled grains whose outer layers have been removed. Some of the benefits of organic pasta include:
· It is instrumental in improving your digestive health.
· Provides the essential vitamins crucial to your body’s functions.
· It helps lower your risk of stroke, obesity, heart disease, and many more.
· It’s instrumental in weight management due to its high fiber content.
· It’s a great source of omega 3 which plays an important role in improving cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure, boosting cognitive function, and improving eye health.
· It fuels productivity

Are organic noodles healthy?

Organic noodles are considered healthy. They have no food additives, preservatives, harmful chemical residues, or genetically modified organisms because they are made from organic wheat and other organic ingredients produced without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The production of wheat and other ingredients adhere to the rules used to produce certified organic products which are safe for consumption and safe for the environment.
Organic noodles are minimally processed and made from whole grains flour, therefore, they have abundant nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fats, and other important nutrients which makes organic noodles a healthy choice. Organic noodles have several health benefits such as they can help in weight management.

Which type of pasta is the healthiest?

If you can’t go a few days without eating pasta, the following types of pasta are the healthiest.
Whole grain or whole wheat pasta: Whole wheat pasta is rich in fiber. It also has a good amount of protein and iron, which are essential for the body.
Vegetable pasta: Vegetable pasta is made with vegetables such as fresh spinach which is low in calories and is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and iron.
Homemade pasta: Homemade pasta is considered the healthiest because you get a chance to control the ingredients. When you choose homemade pasta, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals used to process it like other conventional pasta.
Lentil pasta: Lentil is a type of legume that is high in protein. Lentil pasta is made of lentils instead of wheat flour. Lentil is gluten-free and therefore it’s a good choice for people who are sensitive to gluten. Lentil pasta has low levels of carbohydrates which is also a good choice for people who are watching their weight.