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Himalayan Crystal Dark Salt (Coarse Grain)

220 Gr

฿123.50 / Piece

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Kurera Himalayan Pink Salt is considered to be the purest salt on Earth.
It is 100% natural, unrefined, beautiful, and tastes great!

About This Product

Himalayan Crystal Dark Salt (Coarse Grain)
Helps maintain fluid levels in the body
Help balance the pH (pH balance) in cells, especially brain cells.
Helps control blood sugar levels and slows down aging.
Helps absorb food particles in the intestines.
Helps the brain, muscles and nervous system work better.

Details And Dimensions

220 G / Pack

Nutrition Facts

Portion size 1.1g:
Calories: 0
Total Fat: N/A
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 4200 mg
Protein: 0 gr

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