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Organic Seasonings Krua-Thai

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Healthy Soup


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soup recipe

The main ingredient is goji berries or goji berries and diced carrots. Perfectly blended with salt flowers. which is the best part of the salt Add a little sweetness from natural, unrefined cane sugar. The color of the soup is inviting to eat. Delicious, mellow, not sore throat, not salty, good for health.

  • 70% less sodium, no sugar, no MSG, no potassium.
  • Use unrefined cane sugar. no disodium No preservatives, no chemicals
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients, no meat, no flour added.
  • Healthy. Clean. Vegan. Top8 Free

popular menu

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  2. various soups
  3. boiled rice


Details And Dimensions


  • ( Goji berry (Goji berry), Carrot, Salt flower, Unrefined cane sugar ) 100%

how to cook

  • Broth: Use 1-2 teaspoons per 500 ml of water, add meat, vegetables as you like.

It’s just delicious

“Nice Seasoning”  100% Clean Seasoning Powder

For those who love health, a good and useful helper should have it in the kitchen to add deliciousness. Easy to cook, can make a variety of menus.

“Delicious, easy to cook, useful”

Marinate. Stir. Sprinkle. Cook the broth.

✅real spice packed with benefits

✅Reduced sodium, no sugar and any sweeteners.

✅ Keto Friendly Seasonings

❌No MSG, no chemicals.

❌No preservatives, no starch

Nutrition Facts

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