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Our snacks and chips are yummy and it is perfect to take to office or send it to school for your children to eat during snack time. We select our snacks and chips carefully, they are locally sourced to empower and support Thai farmers. The core value of our business model is to support local and reduce carbon footprint from food production, sourcing and delivery.
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Bruno - Mocha Brownie Crisp - front - organic village
Bob's Red Mill - White Popcorn
White Popcorn | 100% Whole Grain | Gluten Free
Bob's Red Mill
30 oz / 850 Gr
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Pritip - Crispy Sweet Corn
Crispy Corn | Sweet Snack
40 Gr
฿65.00 / Piece Add to cart
Baboo-tom yum crackers
HOM-Banana Chips (Corn Cheese)
Paul & Kate - Mixed Nuts Meringe - Organic Village 01
Health_Guru_Cauliflower_Puffs_Vegan_Cheddar_Gluten_Free_Non_GMO organic village
HOM-Banana Chips (Salted Egg)

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What are 3 snacks you should always buy organic?

Organic snacks have lots of great natural tastes, flavors, and nutrients. Organic snacks do not have harsh chemicals or harmful chemical residues, therefore, they are very healthy and nutritious. Here are three snacks you should consider buying organic.
Berries: Organic berries such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, are good options for snacks because they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic berries are rich in antioxidants and are very nutritious. They are also rich in fiber and other vitamins and minerals.
Nuts: Organic nuts such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, and coconuts have many health benefits. They are rich in proteins, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and also healthy fats. Organic nuts have no harmful chemical residues because they are grown using natural methods and on natural farms.
Popcorn: Organic popcorns are free from chemicals, have natural nutrients, and are not only rich in fiber but also low in calories.

What are the nutritional benefits of snacks and chips?

The nutritional benefits of snacks and chips vary depending on the type of snack and chip. Here are some nutritional benefits of snacks and chips.
Snacks and chips such as popcorn, whole grain crackers, and others are rich in fiber which helps improve digestion. High-fiber snacks and chips help in bringing down cholesterol levels which helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and others.
Snacks and chips are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy and protein helps in repairing and building body tissues.
Some snacks contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and others which help boost the immune system, help promote healthy and strong bones, and improve overall health.

What are some popular types of snacks and chips?

The popular types of snacks and chips are
Cookies: Cookies are tasty snacks you can buy at the store or cook at home. Examples include chocolate chip cookies, oreo cookies, and others.
Snack cakes: Snack cakes are small cakes made from sugar, icing, and cake base. They are common desserts. Examples include Twinkies, Hostess, Entenmann’s Donuts, and others.
Confectionery: Confectionery has a sweet taste, and contains sugar and other sweeteners. They can be classified into two groups: sugar confectionery such as gums, lollipops, and candies, and another group of sweet cakes, pastries, and others.
Chips or crips: They are baked and fried to become crunchy. Examples include nachos, tortilla chips, and potato chips.
Crackers (or Biscuits): They are made from flour, water, and oil and then baked or fried until they are crispy. Examples include rice crackers, wheat crackers, and cheese crackers.