Prepared food

For those of you who want to eat home style cooked food everyday but don't have the time to make it, we can deliver the best healthy home cooked food for you in plastic free containers. We are also working on a zero waste delivery model for our regular customers which involves reusable dishes. We are committed to reducing plastic wherever possible.
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Caesar Salad - Organic Village
Caesar Salad
Klong Phai Farm
260 Grs
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Pan Bagna - Organic Village
Pan Bagna
Klong Phai Farm
225 Grs
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Klong phai Farm-Poulet Basquaise6
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Klong Phai Farm - Confit Chicken Gizzards
Confit Chicken Gizzards
Klong Phai Farm
300 Gr
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Klong phai Farm-Blanquette de poulet7
Blanquette de Poulet | French Traditional Recipe
Klong Phai Farm
750 Gr
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Klong phai Farm-Coq au Vin 9
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Klong phai Farm-Tom Kah Kai2
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Klong phai Farm-Massaman curry 8
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Klong phai Farm-Green Curry 4
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Klong phai Farm-Blanquette de Veau3
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Klong phai Farm-Poulet Sauce Forestiere8
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Klong Phai farm-Canard Sauce A L'Orange
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Klong phai Farm-Canard Sauce Forestiere 13

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What is prepared food?

In simplest of terms, prepared food is food that has been cooked fully or partially and is ready for consumption. In essence, you don’t have to go through the trouble of dicing, slicing, assembling, or cooking. You simply purchase the food and you are good to go. All the preparation headache has been done by someone else on your behalf.

You can get access to prepared foods from various places such as delis, restaurants, supermarkets, or even local organic stores. Prepared food is ideal for those with a busy schedule who don’t have the time to prepare a proper home-cooked meal. You can enjoy healthy and prepared home-style cooked food without much of a hassle from an organic store committed to a healthy diet and healthy eating. Examples of prepared food include green curry and chicken gizzards.

Are pre prepared meals healthy?

People go for pre-prepared meals for a number of reasons. To some, they are just too busy to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal. To others, chances are that they stay alone and simply lack the motivation to prepare a healthy meal from scratch. Whatever the reasons, pre-prepared meals are here to stay. The question is, Are pre-prepared meals healthy?

The honest answer is that it depends on the type of pre-prepared meal you go for. Pre-prepared meals made with organic and nutrient-dense ingredients with the right balance of healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are extremely healthy. On the other hand, pre-prepared meals with a high concentration of added sugars, sodium, and processed ingredients are not healthy at all. The onus is on you to read labels carefully before buying any pre-prepared foods to ensure that you are eating organic pre-prepared meals with high nutritional value. Buy pre-prepared meals from organic businesses that use 100% organic ingredients.

What is an example of healthy food preparation?

There are many ways of healthy food preparation but the most common are grilling fish or chicken, steaming or roasting chicken, and using certified healthy oils for cooking such as avocado and olive oil. Other examples of healthy food preparation include making a salad topped with colorful vegetables, and a healthy dressing made with vinegar and olive oil.