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Zaalouk au poulet

750 Gr

฿365.00 / Piece

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Klong Phai Farm’s free-range chickens and eggs are raised in the countryside of Thailand.

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About This Product

Chicken in eggplant caviar in pasteurized can. A traditional Moroccan dish. Made from our fresh product and mixed with high-quality vegetables.

Details And Dimensions

750 grs NET WEIGHT
Ingredients include – Chicken 50% – Vegetable 40% – Herbs 5% – Condiments 5%.
Conserve in low temperature, best between 1°C to 4°C. To reheat, pour the content into a saucepan then heat over low heat (70°C) and mix gently for 10 minutes.
Shelve life 24 months

Nutrition Facts

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