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PEA Protein Smooth Vanilla

500 Gr

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Nuzest PEA Protein Smooth Vanilla
100% plant protein imported from Australia Every lot of products are also tested for microbial contamination, Allergens and heavy metals.

About This Product

Features of Nuzest Pea Protein

1. 100% plant protein made from European golden peas. Allergen free

2. High protein + low carb + low fat + no added sugar

3. Easy to digest, no flatulence, with a digestion index up to 98% (PDCAAS = 0.98).

4. Gluten-free, cow’s milk-free, soy-free. and other common allergens

5. non-GMO (not genetically modified) does not add additives no preservatives and no sugar added

6. Use purified water as a protein extractor. Make it 100% free of synthetic chemicals.

7. Mildly alkaline – pH 7.8 is one of the few proteins that is weakly alkaline. which is close to the value of the body

8. It’s the perfect protein. There are 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot make.

9. Soft texture Excellent flavor that can be easily brewed, shaken, mixed or used to make desserts. Has a natural flavor that is fragrant, mellow, easy to eat, not fishy.

10. Use natural sweetener Thaumatin, which is a sweet protein. Extracted from the fruit of the catempeh from Africa.

Details And Dimensions

500 Gr

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 110cal
Protein: 20g
Fat total: 2g
-saturated: 0.5g
Carbohydrate total: 1g
-sugar: 0g

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