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Jartisann Introduction

The passion project of self-taught cheesemaker Jarutat Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya together with his wife who shares the same passion, Ann; they both are the founder of Jartisann.

Jartisann is a homegrown brand of original artisanal cheeses, using a combination of experimental methods and even meditation techniques. Jartisann creates unique new cheese and adds a Thai touch to class cheeses. With a limited number of cheesemakers in Thailand, Jartisann is one of the finest cheesemakers we have found by far in Southeast Asia!

Would you like to try some homemade cheese that are super yummy?

Getting to know more about Jartisann

Jartisann originally started in the Northern part of Thailand, Wangtan village, Chiang Mai by lovely couple Khun Jarutat and Khun Ann Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya with the passion of cheese lover. Khun Jarutat and Khun Ann are working together to create Thailand’s finest cheeses from the new original recipes. There are variety of cheese at Jartisann with some touch of Thai ingredients in some. All products are hand-crafted with high quality locally sourced raw cow, goat, and buffalo milk from the mountains and valleys of Chiang Mai. Jartisann covers variety of cheese from different flavor profiles which include soft to hard, blue to bloomy-rind, and smear-ripened to flavored rinds.

Cheeses and food Inspiration

Why cheesemaker?

The owner of Jartisann, Khun Jarutat Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya has more than 15 years of food product development and innovation experience mainly in the fields of cheese and dairy, smoked meat and charcuterie, bakery and other delicatessens. Jartisann’s cheese development draws inspirations from various old-world cheesemaking traditions around the world and blending them into a new breed of localized Thai cheese which is still very limited here in Thailand.

Jarutat Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya is a self-taught cheesemaker and food developer whose forte is in the formulation of various food recipes, creating personalized equipment, and designing production facilities. He pays attention to all the small details related to cheesemaking process to guarantee the consumer that they will have one of the finest cheeses ever. Cheesemaking is his top passion because it allows him to enjoy combining his knowledge of different sciences, art, and design, geography and anthropology, food and beverage, business and engineering. Jarutat Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya uses a combination of meditation techniques together with experimental practices to refine his cheese recipes.

As Aristotle once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” This statement is very true for Jarutat Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya’s case; he started to become cheesemaker by his passion in food and now he and his wife are really enjoying what they are doing. If anyone could combine passion and work, then they will be giving their best terms of work performance and life will be much happier than before. Using the passion and some experiments, Jartisann is showing their best of their creative side to produce the finest cheese for our customer at Organic Village!

Say Cheeses!!!

Great variety and locally produced

Jartisann’s cheeses are unpasteurized and there are many great selections in which include soft cheese, smoked cheese, semihard cheese, blue cheese, and hard cheese.

8 Original cheese from Thailand

  • San PaquanburieJartisann’s first soft cheese that uses a unique and creative starter culture and made with methods drawn from various artisanal French Brie’s. Aging takes at least 3 weeks, but it can be enjoyed with fully developed intensity and creaminess at 5 weeks. This cow milk cheese is named after the San Paquan district where it is handmade. You can’t get it anywhere else!
  • La Loubere
    A small bloomy-rind cow cheese that has a ‘half and half’ texture. Ready at 2.5 weeks, it is creamy under the rind with a firm heart. At 4 weeks it will yield a fully runny texture and stronger aroma and taste. Inspired by cheeses like Camembert and Pont L’Eveque, the La Loubere is named after a prominent 17th century French diplomat to Siam. Cheese that comes with a story behind…
  • Hidden Agenda
    Hidden Agenda is a strong and complex-flavored soft cow cheese. An original Jartisann innovation, its sticky pale orange rind is washed with light-brine and Lao Khao (a Thai rice Spirit) 3 times during the affinage and ripens in 5 weeks to produce a cheese with many layers of aroma and profiles. Very savory!
  • Ricotta Affumicata and Ricotta di Bufala Affumicata
    Soft, crumbly, salty, tangy, buttery, cream and smoky are all the characteristics of these two ‘smoked ricottas’ cheeses. First ricotta comes from cow’s whey, and the latter, being more creamy, comes from Mehsana buffalo whey. Smoked slowly over Thai Devil’s Tree wood0shavings, the ricotta turns into a savory cheese that can remind us of smoked meats. These cheeses have it all!
  • Saltara Ferari
    Since 2011, Saltara Ferari was first developed as a quick sketch that had an “accident-with0benefit”. A semi-soft cow cheese, it has a notable characteristic that gained its depth of flavor from smear-ripening. Its popularity comes from being packed with flavor and the savoriness that is achieved after maturing for 2 months. A taste that melts in the mouth!!
  • The Royal Bleu
    The Royal Bleu is a semi-hard blue cheese, reminiscent of Gorgonzola and Stilton. It was first developed in 2009 and became Thailand’s first bleu cheese recipe. The Royal Bleu was the very first affinage cheese that was developed by Khun Jarutat using natural underground cheesecave up on a cold mountain top of Doi Angkhang in Chiang Mai. During its R&D stages, this cheese was presented to His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand as a gift for him to witness Thailand’s first development of blue cheeses.It has been refined further to attain a distinct characteristic and meeting the international quality. The Royal Bleu enjoys a minimum age of 10 weeks for a ‘mild blue’ version but attains full creaminess and intensity after 16 weeks. Designed for a wider audience, the cheese is enjoyed as a ‘mild blue’ at 10 weeks of age but will become intense after aging for 16 weeks. Made from cow’s milk.Healthy cheese from the best dairy!
  • Palazzo Di Plama
    Palazzo Di Plama is created in the Moo Ban called “Palace of The Palms” in Chiang Mai. The reason it got its Italian-sounding name is because we designed this cheese to be completely influenced by the aged-old techniques of making grana types of cheeses, like Pecorino Romano and Gransardo. Designed to be a firm cheese that combines Italian Grana cheesemaking tradition together with the texture and favor of a Spanish cheese, Jartisann uses a blend of original cultures to formulate a cheese that reminds the tasters of Grana Padano mixed with Machego. Aging lasts from 2 to 6 months, becoming firmer and more piquant with age. Even though, cheese ages only for a minimum of 2 months, it has a decent depth of flavor, fruity aroma, and umami, almost equating to something 5-8 months old. “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

Those are just the sample of 8 unique of Jartisann’s cheeses where you can find at Organic Village. Feel free to visit Jartisann at ‘Jartisann The Village store’ if you visit Chiang Mai. Here is their location:242 st.4B soi 1 Wangtan village Moo 3 Sanpakwan, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai. Jartisann’s cheeses are now serving at a 6-star resort in Phuket and a few other F&B outlets in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Good news for the Bangkokian, we are bringing the finest cheese from Chiang Mai to you at the heart of Bangkok! Please visit us at Organic Village.

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As mentioned above, Jartisann’s cheeses are the top quality locally made cheeses in Thailand and are currently serving in various 5-stars and 6-stars hotels; would it be nice to be able to buy the cheeses that are served in 6 stars hotels from your favorite organic grocery shop, Organic Village!

Would it be nice to conveniently be able to get those amazing locally made cheeses from Organic Village right here in Bangkok or online!!? We cannot wait for you to try the premium quality of cheeses that are proudly made in Thailand and looking forward to hear some feedbacks from you all!!

Come and try one of the best cheeses in town, just like many people would say, “Love comes in many forms. Shredded. Sliced. Melted.”

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