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Solar Dried Banana | Strawberry Dipped

75 Gr

฿40.00 / Piece

Provide energy, dietary, fiber and natural sugar that the body can use immediately. Easy to carry, not messy, sweet, delicious, recharge whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

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About This Product

Banana Society | Solar Dried Banana |Strawberry Dipped | With Strawberry Flakes

The Banana Society has devised the most cutting-edge methods for producing Thai dried bananas. The Bangkratum District of Phitsanulok Province now has more advanced banana drying technology thanks to its initiative of adapting global production methods.

Instead of only employing the old and typical methods, their amazing parabolic dome methodology ensures that their products are dried in a safe and clean environment. Due to their innovative techniques that adhere to worldwide quality standards, consumer perceptions toward items made from dried bananas have changed. As markets for these goods grow, they continue to improve the variety of dried banana product line’s value, sustainability, and outstanding biocompatibility.

  • Top notch quality bananas and chocolate
  • Lesser amount of calories
  • Free of preservatives
  • Lack of coloring or synthetic flavor
  • Zero added sugar
  • Hygienic and long-lasting methods


  • For extra energy
  • High in Potassium and Fiber
  • Magnesium-rich
  • Contains other Vitamins and minerals

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 75 Gr


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