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Milk Kefir | Organic Milk | Plain | With Probiotics

500 ml

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Bunny Turtle Ferments | Milk Kefir | Plain and Organic Milk

Want to enjoy a milk drink even if you are lactose intolerant? BT Ferments Milk Kefir is perfect for you! Its taste and texture is almost identical to a drinkable yogurt but has much more active probiotics. Yogurt only has 1-4 probiotic strains in contrast to 40-60 active probiotic strains of Milk Kefir.

You can either use Milk Kefir as a refreshment or as a substitute to yogurt for smoothies, muesli and granola.

100% Organic, grass-fed milk

Note: This drink is not suitable for people with milk protein allergies.

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