Candlemas Crepes Bundle | ULTIMATE ORGANIC DELIGHT


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About This Product

Elevate your Chandeleur celebration with our specially curated Crepe Kit, a delightful ensemble of high-quality, organic ingredients for an exceptional crepe-making experience.


  1. Organic Eggs (10 Pieces): Start your culinary journey with farm-fresh, organic eggs for a perfect crepe batter.
  2. Organic Whole Milk (Pasteurized): Enhance the richness of your crepe mixture with our creamy, organic whole milk.
  3. All Purpose Cake Flour (100% Natural): Achieve light and fluffy crepes with our premium, all-natural flour blend.
  4. Organic Light Brown Sugar (Sugar Cane | Low GI): Add a healthy touch of sweetness to your crepes with our organic light brown sugar.
  5. Organic Butter (Salted & Unsweetened): Finish your crepes with a touch of indulgence using our premium organic butter.

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How to Use: Follow our included recipe for a foolproof crepe-making experience. Share the joy with family and friends as you create delicious memories together.


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