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Brie | Soft Cheese | Mild Buttery Flavor

250 Grs


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Organic Village | Brie | 250g | Soft Cheese | Creamy Texture | Buttery Taste | From France

Enjoy the smooth taste of Brie, a delightful soft cheese available in a 250g slice. Its soft, creamy texture and gentle, buttery taste make it an ideal choice for various dishes, whether spread on crackers, combined with fruit, or melted on bread.

This piece of Brie cheese adds a luxurious touch to your cheese boards and dishes, allowing you to savor a classic favorite in the cheese world.


Details And Dimensions

250 grams

  • Originated from France
  • Rich and authentic flavor
  • Velvety texture
  • Mild and buttery flavor
  • Ideal with crackers, fresh fruits, or melt over bread


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