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Country Nut Bread | Original Flavor | High Fiber & Protein

330 Gr


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About This Product

Farmer’s Grain | Country Nut Bread | Original Flavor | 100% Natural

This Country Nut Bread mixes the earthy flavors of nuts and grains in a wonderful and hearty loaf. It’s a hearty, nutrient-dense bread choice that goes well with soups, salads, and breakfast dishes as well as sandwiches.

  • 100% Natural
  • Artificial additives free
  • High in Protein and Fiber
  • Cholesterol free
  • Good source of antioxidants and healthy fats
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals


Packed with an assortment of nuts including sunflower seeds, almonds, and pecans, the bread enhances every bite with a rich and distinct nutty flavor. The delightful crunch of nuts and grains adds a satisfying texture to each slice.

This versatile bread complements both sweet and savory fillings, making it perfect for delectable sandwiches or toast. Whether you prefer it toasted with a spread of butter, transformed into a sandwich with your favorite fillings, or enjoyed on its own as a snack, Country Nut Bread provides bread lovers with a wholesome and flavorful option.

Allergen: Wheat flour, nuts and dairy products

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 330 g

Shelf life: 7 days



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