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Food Container (PC) | 4.2 L

4.2 L

฿365.00 / Piece

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Our PC container is an extremely strong plastic with wood lids will give you the pantry you are proud to show off.

About This Product

 Food Container (PC) 4.2 L | Reusable and Eco-Friendly

The satisfying swoosh when you put the airtight lids on the jars tells you that your food will stay fresh in your pantry. The lids are built to fit another jar on top without it sliding around. Comes in 3 different sizes: 4.2L, 10.4 L and 16.3 L to fit your favorite pasta and other dry food.

Details And Dimensions

Capacity: 4.2 L
Size:(mm) H100*T100*B100*D100


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