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Organic Superball Sugar | Sugar Cane | Low GI

400 Gr


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About This Product

Good Sugar | Muscovado Super Ball | Sugar Cane | Low GI

This granulated dark brown sugar is ideal for cooking a variety of foods, beverages, or desserts that demand a robust flavor profile. With a powerful sugar aroma, it is perfect for achieving a deep color in your culinary creations. This sugar imparts a rough or crunchy texture to the food, adding an additional layer of sensory delight.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Organic ingredients (sugar cane)
  • Low GI
  • Vegan


Distinctive qualities of GOOD SUGAAAR sugar:

  • Quick Dissolving Granules: Despite its granular form, it dissolves swiftly.
  • Deep and Sweet: Boasting a dark color, it delivers a sweet and smooth aroma and taste, imparting mellowness to food and drinks.
  • Less Processed Goodness: Minimal processing results in a higher mineral content compared to regular sugar.
  • Low GI Certification: Certified as low glycemic index (GI), it effectively slows down the absorption rate of blood sugar.

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Weight: 400 g


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