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Plant-Based Granola Bar | Mixed Nuts Crunchy Oats | 100% Natural & Organic

168 Gr

฿199.00 / Piece

Our Granola Granovibes start with all-natural and heart-picked ingredients to make tasty and healthy granola.

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About This Product

Granovibes | Granola Bar | Mixed Nuts Crunchy Oats | Vegan-Friendly

Granovibes Mixed Nuts Crunchy Oats Granola Bar have combined 3 superfood ingredients in one: Chia Seeds, White Quinoa and Flax Seeds, as well as Almond, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed, and Cashew Nuts. This is the perfect on-the-go snack for health conscious individuals before they start their daily exercise!

  • 100% Organic & Natural
  • Plant-Based
  • Oil Free
  • Egg and Dairy Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Great source of Protein & Fiber
  • Best for Vegans & Vegetarians
  • With Omega 3 & 6
  • With Eco-friendly packaging


Details And Dimensions

Weight: 28 g x 6 bags

Storage Instructions: Keep in room temperature or in a cool and dry area.

Storage life: 12 months

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving: 1 bag (28g)

  • Total fat 7g
    • Saturated fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Protein 4g
  • Total carbohydrate 13g
    • Dietary Fiber 2g
    • Sugar 2g
  • Sodium 100mg


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