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Organic Chickpeas in Water

500 Gr

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Happy Mate’s Chickpeas and Water is a perfect addition to your pantry! Whether you plan on having Thai Curry or perhaps a Chana Masala, you can never go wrong with their organic and all-natural chickpeas!

About This Product

Happy Mate | Organic Chickpeas in Water | Healthy Grocery Deliveries

Fancy enjoying Indian food? Get your hands on Happy Mate’s Chickpeas and Water! It is guaranteed fresh, organic, and all-natural.

You can prepare delicious Chana Saag or perhaps Chana Masala, which will be sensational!

  • Rich in dietary fiber to aid in your digestion
  • Great source of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients
  • Support bone health

Ingredients: 72% chickpeas, 28% water

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 500g


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