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Brown Rice Protein Powder | 100% Organic | Plant based Protein

100 Gr

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About This Product

Healthy Up | Brown Rice Protein Powder | All Organic | Plant-Based Protein

Brown rice protein is well-known to supply your body’s energy and strengthen your muscles.

  • 100% organic brown rice protein
  • Pesticide free
  • No genetic modification
  • Perfect for vegetarians

Health benefits:

  • Protein and 9 important amino acids that will help muscle repair and therapy
  • Produce heat to easily burn calories after you eat
  • Avoid exhaustion
  • Avoid cancer

Tips : For optimal results, dissolve your Brown Rice Protein Powder and drink it at least 30 minutes after working out. The protein and amino acids in this product will help your muscles to properly heal.


Details And Dimensions

Weight: 100 Gr

Directions: Dissolve 2 tbsp in a 180-240 mL of water. You may also mix it with drinks, smoothie, add to your dishes or use as a topping.


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