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Organic Night Pads 34cm | With Wings | 6 pieces

6 pcs

฿75.00 / Piece

Feel comfortable and free during your red days with the new Ira Night Pads! It is completely organic and biodegradable made from top quality materials that won’t irritate the skin.

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About This Product

Ira | Organic Night Pads 34cm | With Wings | 6 pieces

The new Ira Night Pads is made from certified organic corn fiber and bamboo top sheet along with a highly absorbent wood pulp core for the most comfortable feeling.

  • 100% Organic
  • 98% Biodegradable

It is silky smooth which won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Its thinness reduces moisture and dampness while increasing airflow to prevent bacteria growth. It is perfect for you!

Details And Dimensions

Packing: 6 pieces / box
Size: 34cm each with wings, individually wrapped in plant-based bioplastic wrapper


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