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Crispy Roll | Extra Coconut | Natural Ingredients

70 Grs


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Kunna | Crispy Roll | Extra Coconut | Stuffed with Coconut Cream | Natural Ingredients

Check out the yummy Crispy Roll with Extra Coconut, made in Thailand for a real taste of the tropics. Every 70g pack is full of crunchy fun and the deep flavor of real coconut. Dive into the tropical taste of Thailand with this snack that satisfies your sweet tooth in a healthier way.

It’s got the perfect mix of crunch and coconut taste, making it a great pick for anyone looking for a tasty and good-for-you snack. Enjoy the real coconut taste in every bite, and make snack time special.

  • Natural Coconut Ingredients

Ingredients: Real coconuts, wheat flavor, coconut powder, rice flour, palm oil, salt, sugar, and eggs.

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 70 g

Made in Thailand


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