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3 In 1 Breast Milk Storage Bag | 15 Bags

7oz x 15 bags

฿220.00 / Piece

Enjoy a convenient way of pumping, storing, and feeding your baby with the Lamoon 3in1 Breastmilk Storage Bag! It is easy to use, safe, and is indeed perfect for modern moms on the go.

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About This Product

Lamoon | 3 In 1 Breast Milk Storage Bag | 15 Bags

The Lamoon 3in1 Breastmilk Storage bag is truly revolutionary!

Enjoy the following uses:

  • It can function to collect milk directly from the breast pump
  • Use it to store milk in the chiller
  • And lastly, it can be attached to the bottle teat and give it directly to your baby!

Perfect for traveling and even for everyday use! It helps reduce clutter and hassle and even reduces the chances of contamination making it perfect for go-to moms!

Details And Dimensions

Capacity: 7oz, 15 bags/box


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