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Homemade THC Cannabis Cookies | Hybrid | Lemon Sugar

80 Gr

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About This Product

Local Boys | Homemade Bakes | Cannabis Cookies | Hybrid | Day and Night Formula

Mouthwatering cannabis-infused cookies from Local Boys are created with locally cultivated cannabis trim that retains the plant’s flavonoids and terpenes.

There are three tantalizing flavors of these cookies:

  • Lemon Sugar (Hybrid)
  • Chocolate Chip (Sativa)
  • Cinnamon Sugar (Indica)

Local Boys’ first baked offering is a batch of delicious homemade cannabis cookies. BAKES, which focus on common tastes while keeping a faint hint of the cannabis terpenes, are made with excellent local ingredients and have the right consistency and moisture level.

With these BAKES cookies, you get to decide exactly how you’d like to feel. You may choose the ideal cookie to match your mood because it comes in indica, hybrid, and sativa variants. Whether you like a body that is entirely relaxed for times when you just want to unwind or an energy high during the day.

Ingredients: Thai cannabis trim, flour, vanilla, coconut oil, egg, sugar, and chocolate chips.


Details And Dimensions

Weight: 80 Gr (4 cookies)

Storage: Put in a cool and dark place. Consume within 3 weeks. To extend freshness until 6 months, refrigerate.


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