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Organic Coarse Ground Pepper

45 Gr


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McCormick Gourmet | Organic Coarse Ground Pepper | Healthy Seasonings

Enhance your culinary creations with the delightful touch of Coarse Ground Black Pepper. Sprinkle it atop salads, cooked vegetables, or pasta, or rub it into meat before grilling for a burst of flavor. Elevate your sauces, vinaigrettes, salad dressings, and marinades with a dash of pepper to add a zesty kick. Known for its warm and spicy notes, pepper brings depth to every dish.

At McCormick Gourmet, they extend their commitment from conserving nature’s precious resources through sustainable farming practices to preserving their bold flavors using innovative technology. They consistently go the extra mile for the planet, the people and your plate because they believe that great food begins with great ingredients.

  • Organic
  • No herbicides & pesticides
  • Non GMO

Ingredients: Organic coarse ground pepper

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Weight: 45 g


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