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Soju Drink | Cannabis-Infused (THC & CBD) | Summer Peach (Non-Alcoholic )

320 ml

฿230.00 / Piece

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Cannabis-infused Soju, contains CBD and THC – alcohol-free

About This Product

Nirvana High | Summer Peach Soju | Cannabis

• Experience the full therapeutical effects of CBD
• Made of a top-rated cannabis strain
• Every bottle has a production and expiry date
• Available in 4 flavors

Nirvana High is an interesting concept that taps into the current soju trend and cannabis. It offers the trending soju flavours minus the alcohol but with the relaxation benefit of cannabis.

Party with your health in mind and experience no hangover! Nirvana High’s Sojus has the least amount of calories when it comes to “party beverages”.

Children, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not consume this product. If there are abnormal symptoms, should stop eating right away. For those who are allergic to THC or CBD, should be careful when drinking. May cause drowsiness, driving and working on heavy machinery should be avoided. Contains no more than 1.6 mg of THC per unit. Should not consume more than 2 bottles per day.


Details And Dimensions

Weight: 320 ml per bottle

Every bottle has been pasteurized and can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months.


Nutrition Facts

Calories per 100g: 39


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