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Organic Soy Milk | Original Flavor

180 ml

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Eat better, Live better
0% sodium !
100% plant based | organic soymilk
100% vegan
100% natural ingredients
1000% ready to drink with you

About This Product

So-Ya | Organic Soymilk | Original Flavor

So-Ya Organic Soymilk has an unique flavor, an oily scent, mild and extraordinary. It is produced with premium-grade organic soybeans and only uses 2% of organic brown sugar.

No milk powder, oil and preservatives. High protein and prebiotic. Low sugar, unique aroma and smooth texture. SO-YA is also rich in benefits and has no sodium. Certified with the Healthier Choice label.


  • Non GMO and USDA certified
  • No vegetable oil, milk powder and preservatives
  • No sodium and additives
  • Rich in protein and prebiotic
  • Can last for 1 year even without refrigeration
  • Undergone proper sterilization
  • With the Healthier Choice label certification

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 180 ml


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