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Organic Sauerkraut | Low calorie

450 Gr

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The goal to create healthy and delicious pickles from around the world. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives is our motto. Offering the very best in pickled, fermented and probiotic foods. We keep all our products 100% natural and unpasteurized, using only local ingredients.


About This Product

The Serial Pickler | Organic Sauerkraut | Fermented Food

The Serial Pickler uses organic cabbage rather than juniper berries for their Organic Sauerkraut. Its texture is softer and tastes sweeter.

The Serial Pickler Organic Sauerkraut is handcrafted in a hygienic and secured area with the use of sea salt and fresh cabbage grown in the local farms of Thailand. The fermentation lasts for a week with a temperature of 22°C to achieve its best color and taste, as well as the highest vitamin content. All products are not pasteurize to to guarantee that the jar’s contents are completely nutrient- and probiotic-rich. It can be eaten hot or cold on its own, as a side dish or paired with sandwiches or sausages.

  • Low calorie content
  • Great source of antioxidants and fiber
  • Rich in Vitamin B, C and K
  • FDA-approved

Ingredients: Sea Salt and Organic Cabbage

Details And Dimensions

Net weight: 450 gr



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