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Garlic Dill Pickles | Spicy | Vinegar Based

480 ml

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The goal to create healthy and delicious pickles from around the world. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives is our motto. Offering the very best in pickled, fermented and probiotic foods. We keep all our products 100% natural and unpasteurized, using only local ingredients.

About This Product

The Serial Pickler | Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles | Vinegar-Based

This is a dill pickle product with a good garlic flavor, a moderate heat level, and a well-rounded flavor. Perfect when paired with a cool drink or add it on your burgers or sandwiches. Pickles are not pasteurized, unlike those from the grocery stores. This guarantees that the cucumbers retain all of it healthy benefits and remain lovely and crisp.

  • 100% Natural
  • No Artificial Colors and Flavors
  • Preservatives Free
  • Unpasteurized
  • With Probiotic
  • FDA Approved

Ingredients: Dill, Cucumber, Garlic, Sea Salt, Fresh Chili, Sugar, Water and Vinegar.

Details And Dimensions

Weight: 480 ml


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