By Tropical High

Pre-Roll Joints (3x) | OG Kush | Indica

3 pcs


About This Product

Tropical High | Pre-Roll Joints (3x) | OG Kush | Indica

Presenting Indica Pre-Roll Joint Pack from Tropical High: a relaxing and natural fusion. Three expertly constructed pre-roll joints, each containing 0.5 grams of the best all-natural OG Kush cannabis strains, are included in each box. This product, which is proudly made in Thailand, is a tribute to elegance and craftsmanship. It comes in an elegant metal box.

Take in the relaxing benefits of Indica, which provide a peaceful experience ideal for relaxing. With each hit, the distinctive OG Kush strain adds its well-known attributes, guaranteeing a deep and genuine experience.

Enjoy the ease of use and fashionable design of this product. Relax and enhance the way you feel with this high-quality product, designed for individuals who value purity and the real meaning of cannabis.


Details And Dimensions

Packing: 3 rolls


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