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Pre-Roll Joints (3x) | Durban Poison | Sativa

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About This Product

Tropical High | Pre-Roll Joints (3x) | Durban Poison | Sativa

The Sativa Pre-Roll Joint Pack from Tropical High is a dose of energy with every draw. Three expertly produced pre-roll joints, each weighing 0.5 grams and boasting the energizing strains of Durban Poison cannabis.

This carefully cultivated, all-natural product is beautifully packed in a metal box. It reflects the brand’s dedication to both quality and aesthetics.

Experience the invigorating impact of Sativa combined with the unique qualities of Durban Poison, whisking you away to a realm of sociability and creativity. Meticulously crafted in Thailand, these pre-rolls stand as a proof to Tropical High’s commitment to delivering a top quality cannabis experience.

Details And Dimensions

Packing: 3 rolls


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